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fig & farm (at home)

Dani Watson Publicity Info

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Dani Watson is a former First Grade Teacher turned home decorator. 

She's a daughter of the King, wife, boy mom and popcorn


She's the host of the #1 ranked home design podcast, fig & farm at home.

She teaches busy moms with REAL homes and REAL budgets how to break free from the Pinterest Perfect trap to create a home that tells their story while showcasing their style.


She believes that homes are a canvas for story telling, that kiddos are an integral part of that story and that you CAN share space happily with kids, pets and husbands. 

She believes that you can have a Pottery Barn style with a Target budget and that homes don't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

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Photos for Publicity
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Topic Options

* 5 ways to add character to your builder grade without 
   renovating or taking out a second mortgage

* DON'T purchase anything and 5 more steps you can          take when you're asking yourself where to start in home      design

* 5 ways to elevate your home this weekend...and two of 
   them are FREE

* You don't have to wait until the kids are grown and gone    to have a pretty home

* 5 ways to get the kids involved and invested in 
   decorating your home

* The REAL reason why you're overwhelmed with all of the      decor choices

           If you have another topic in mind, please ask!

Dani loves to inspire busy mamas with practical tips that they can easily implement in their own homes.


Please provide us with recording instructions at least 72 hours before the interview and indicate if the interview will be audio or video. Interviews are limited to 45 minutes. 

Thank you!! Looking forward to our chat!

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