Full Service

So, you want to start from scratch? Maybe keep the couch, maybe not. You don't know yet, but you do know that the room as it stands needs to be completely made over!

Fine Details

Pricing: $850 

What to expect: We'll start with an interview and a virtual tour. I'll be asking lots of questions and taking lots of notes. You'll have some homework too - taking measurements and pictures. I'll create two e-design plans for you. Sometimes we nail the design on the first two tries and you can choose one. Other times, we go back to the drawing board. I'll go back to the drawing board up to three times on one board so we get it just right. Then, the fun starts. You'll be able to order all the products from the e-design and have them shipped to your home. You'll receive step-by-step instructions for how to install your new room with the plan I created for you. I'll take one last virtual tour to make sure everything is just right!

Let's Get Started!

Have a question or want to get the process started? Awesome...fill out the form so we can chat then cue the confetti because the magic is about to happen!! No payment needed until you're ready to commit.