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Design Coaching

Design coaching allows you to stay in the learner's seat, but instead of learning independently you have a guide helping you navigate the steps you should take on your decorating journey, supporting you and keeping you accountable along the way. 

Design Coaching Options


I absolutely loved working with Dani on my Room Edit! We started with the kitchen and she was so helpful and fun to work with, I added the living room space! She worked with things I had and gave ideas I never would have thought of! Small tweaks that made a huge difference. She addressed so many of my questions and was so helpful in teaching me some tricks that I continue to use in other rooms. I loved the virtual aspect of it. I have gone back to refer to it several times. She included a lot of information, lists, diagrams and makes it fun to watch and learn! Dani made me feel comfortable when I’m normally a little intimidated by interior decorating.


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