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Home Design 101

Decor on a budget to style your cozy home!

Does any of this sound like you...
* Do you stand for what feels like HOURS in the pillow aisle at Target wondering which pillow would look best in your home?

* Do you stay stuck NOT decorating your home because you don't know how to marry your Farmhouse style with your husband's antler collection?

* Do you watch your favorite home design show and think, "I'll never be able to have a home that looks as good as this because it costs TOO much."

* Do you ever wonder why decorating your home on your own is SO HARD...and are convinced  you didn't get the decorating gene when everyone else did?
What if I told you...
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* You CAN be so in-tune with your design style that you won't waste any more time in indecision.

* You CAN marry your husband's style with your own so your home honors and reflects both of you.

* You CAN create a home you LOVE coming home to starting with whatever size of budget you have.

* You CAN learn to decorate your home...and pretty soon your friends will be asking you for advice! 
Imagine the possibilities...
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That's why I created...

Home Design 101

It's time to step out of overwhelm and start creating a home that reflects your style, looks cohesive and feels cozy! 

Starting with one room in your house, Home Design 101 walks you through the design process so you grow in confidence while learning how to decorate your home independently.

        ~ You learn to identify your unique design aesthetic so you can confidently
step out frustration and overwhelm when making design decisions.

     ~ You create a visual of what you want your room to look like and a plan 
for how to get there.

~ You'll walk away from Home Design 101 with a project map complete
    with action steps so you can make the changes to your home in the
timeline you want, with the budget you have. 

Creating a home that you love coming home to, a home that reflects your style and tells your story, begins with Home Design 101. 

 Spring Session: March 30 - June 1

What you'll learn in class...
Module 1: You start by identifying the goals you have for your home and which room you want to start with.
Module 2: You'll identify how the room functions for you and which pieces you need to function even better.
Module 3: You'll learn how to identify your unique design style so you can make decisions confidently. 
   Module 4: You'll create a cohesive color palette & learn to identify elements that may bring your room down.
Module 5: You'll learn the sizing and scale guidelines to follow so you can make confident decisions. 
Module 6: You'll learn to create a mood board so you can visualize the end design before buying a thing.
Module 7: You'll create a project map that allows you to make changes with the budget you have, in the timeframe you want. 
Module 8: You'll learn where to shop for the best deals & which items you should spend more or less on.
Module 9: You'll learn how to style flat surfaces like bookshelves, mantles, coffee tables, etc. 
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The support you get in class...
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Meet the instructor...
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Hey friend!

It wasn't long ago that I was in the same place you're in now...spending hours on Pinterest pinning images of beautiful homes that I only dreamed about living in - believing that the barriers to making my home a home that I love were limited finances and a lack of skill for making the changes myself. 


I remember almost the exact moment I unlocked what felt like the key to great home design and I couldn't wait to share what it took me years to learn.

You deserve to live in a home that feels like a respite from the world outside, to have a home that you are delighted to invite your friends to and to feel confident making design decisions that reflect YOUR style - not everyone else's. 

So, if you're ready to get started creating a home that you've only dreamed about...I'm ready to help guide you on that journey. I'm so excite for you, Friend!

xo, Dani

Are you ready to create a home you LOVE coming home to?
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Home Design 101
Decor on a budget to style your cozy home!


Pay in full

Best Value!

* Class starts March 30
* 9 Modules
* Facebook Community
* Weekly Spotlight Coaching
* Accountability
* Lifetime Access


$74 savings


3 payments

* Class starts March 30
* 9 Modules
* Facebook Community
* Weekly Spotlight Coaching
* Accountability
* Lifetime Access

Still wondering if this is right for you? 


Q: What if I don't have a very big budget for purchasing things during the time of the class? 

A: Not a problem. I don't know where the money trees grow, so until I do I'm assuming we'll all be working with budgets. You'll be learning how to create a project road map that combines YOUR budget with YOUR timeline so you can purchase things as fast or as slow as you'd like to. 

Q: What if my style is different than yours?

A: Ooh...I sure hope it is! We'll be spending quite a bit of time identifying YOUR unique design style because it's YOUR home with YOUR story to tell. 

Q: How much homework is involved in Home Design 101?

A: There will be homework every week and some weeks there will be more than others. There's a lot to learn in 10 weeks, but you CAN do it!!

Q: What if I can't make it to the LIVE trainings? 

A: No worries. The trainings will be recorded and you'll have access to them shortly after class.  

Q: Why wouldn't I just hire you to design the room for me?

A: I would be happy to do the design for you, but when you learn how to do it yourself you'll be more than equipped to make confident design decisions well after the end of our class. In two years when you're ready to refresh another room...ready! In five years when you move...ready! In one month when you hit the Hearth & Hand aisle at Target...ready! 
What others are saying...

"I have been listening to the fig & farm (at home) podcast for over a year now. I think I started listening right at the beginning and I haven’t skipped an episode yet!  I love home decorating, but I struggle with my aesthetic and how to make my open concept home cohesive.  The episodes are so relatable and cost conscious.


Earlier this year we completed our outdoor space and the thought of decorating it was so overwhelming.  As I was listening to one of Dani’s podcasts, she mentioned her Home Design 101 class. I couldn’t send an email fast enough to register! 


I’m so glad I did - she taught me so many tips and tricks and she was so easy to work with.  Her first-grade teaching experience definitely came into play because I really needed everything spelled out A-B-C to figure out what my style was… why was this so hard for me to get?  


The best part of the project being done now, is that when family and friends visit they call it an “Oasis” and ask me how I knew what to buy and how to put it together.  I just say that I love design!  (Sorry Dani, I take all the credit!). 


~ Deb

"Dani helped me find my style and coached me through redecorating the main floor of my house. Her patience, kindness and great advice helped me gain the confidence to take on new projects of my own. It was a wonderful experience working with her."


Dani has been exactly what I wanted in a designer! I was looking for someone who really took the time to understand me, my needs, and would meet me where I was at.  She was able to take the vague vision I had and make it into a reality even better than I could have imagined! I wanted a beautiful finished product that functioned well for our family, without it breaking the bank, and she really delivered! 

The entire process was simple, fun, on budget, and felt like a true partnership. I absolutely LOVE how my rooms have turned out, and I'll be having Dani help me with LITERALLY every room in my house! Book her now, you'll be so glad you did!! 

~ Tara

Still more me or book a FREE discovery call so we can chat. But hurry...class size is limited! 

See you in class!


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