Room Spin

Using the things you already

own is a great way to redesign a room! You've already bought the stuff, you just need a little bit of help putting it all together. 

Fine Details

Pricing: starts at $550

How It Works: We start with a virtual chat so I can see the space and hear about your room. There will be a show and tell - you showing me all of the things you want in your room (and the things you don't). Then, working within your budget I'll do some on-line shopping to help fill in the gaps. Once those items arrive, we'll have one more virutal get together so I can help you put it all together! 

Let's Get Started!

Have a question or want to get the process started? Awesome...fill out the form so we can chat then cue the confetti because the magic is about to happen!! No payment needed until you're ready to commit.