Room Spin

Using the things you already

own is a great way to redesign a room! You've already bought the stuff, you just need a little bit of help putting it all together. 

Fine Details

Pricing: starts at $550*

(price includes tax) 

*Pricing does NOT include cost of additional products for your home.

How It Works: We start with a virtual chat so I can see the space and hear about your room. There will be a show and tell - you showing me all of the things you want in your room (and the things you don't). Then, working within your budget I'll do some on-line shopping to help fill in the gaps. Once those items arrive, we'll have one more virutal get together so I can help you put it all together! 

You've got stuff...let's use it! 

Cue the confetti because we're about to make magic happen!!