fig & farm's response to COVID-19:

Read to me Bubba

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Dani, a former First Grade teacher turned designer. Just like most former teachers I still love to teach, I just do it a bit more non-traditionally these days: tutoring, coaching sports at the local middle school, and design coaching - empowering people to make their home a home that they love and one that tells their story. But that's not why I'm here. It's a time in history that is volatile and scary - a time that is unsettling and disruptive to so many lives, including the little ones who have relied on the structure of school to help them grow into the amazing person s/he is. Using my degree and my giftings to serve any of you who might need a bit of extra support during this time is an honor and priviledge. 


What to expect?

Teaching tips, tricks and games that will support your child's learning while home on extended stay. Most content will center around supporting the early elementary student K-3. You can expect a video that demonstrates how to teach the new concept, skill or game as well as any links to tools or guides you might need at home to support your teaching. 

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Who is Bubba? 

Bubba, or more appropriately Bubbas, are my three boys - Owen, Henry and Charlie. It's my nickname for them and I use a different form all the time - Bubs, Bubsie, Bubster, you get the picture. They're a bit older these days, but will be my helpers as I demonstrate ways you can support your child's learning from home. 

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Where to find me!

You can find me on:


Instagram @ readtomebubba


Youtube @ Danielle Watson


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