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Learn to create a cozy, cohesive home on a budget!

Ready to create a home that you can't stop gushing about?

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hey there!

hey...I''m dani watson

I teach REAL moms with REAL homes how to decorate their homes on a budget! 


Decorating your home might seem hard...

Listen to hours of free training -teaching you how to decorate your home on a budget.
Come hang out with other women just like you who are wanting to learn and be inspired.
Learn how to decorate your home like a designer in this self-paced course.
but it doesn't have to be and it definitely doesn't have to be Pinterest Perfect. It's time to simplify the process so you can start living in a house you LOVE.
let me show you how!



fig & farm (at home) 

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home decorating podcast
The go-to podcast for learning how to decorate your home on a budget - with easy to follow tips and tricks so you can build the confidence to do it yourself.

No fancy degree required!
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Hey friend, I'm Dani! 

Several years ago I was in the same place you are in a home that was 'fine.'  It was functional, it served it's purpose but it was 'meh.' I tried making it pretty, special, a little more me but I was SO overwhelmed with all of the choices. Shopping wasn't fun, it was a chore and it left me feeling frustrated...ALL THE TIME. 

I wanted a home that looked beautiful, that told my story and that I couldn't wait to come home to after a long day. 

It wasn't until I started playing around with paint one day while my baby was sleeping that I had my first ah-ha moment...paint was powerful! 

I started paying attention to how design elements worked together (or didn't) and experimenting with ideas in my own home. After having more ah-ha moments than I could count, my biggest ah-ha moment was formed...

design is teachable!!!
And as I watched all my mama friends turn to Pinterest looking for the same answers I was all those years ago, I wanted to make it easy for them (and now you) so you can step out of the overwhelm to create a home that you can't stop gushing about! 
 xo, dani
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Dani taught me that choosing a color palette helps with focus, Pinterest can be my friend, repetition is key, and looking at the big picture is mandatory.  I can’t thank you enough.





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