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fig & farm 
(at home)

Learn how to decorate your home on a budget!

This picture is of a beautiful living room decorated for fall. There's a black couch with a gray pillow, white faux fur pillow and a burnt orange pillow. Sitting in front of the couch is a round coffee table with a vase that has red fall foliage in it. fall living room_edited.jpg
Do you want to start but don't know how?
Do you
Do you
Do you
for hours in the aisles at Target feeling stuck in indecision?
the pictures on Pinterest could become your home reality?
how the HGTV shows make it look SO easy?
Allow me to 
 3 ways to create a home you love coming home to!
Option 1
Radio show microphones
Option 2
Dani, owner of fig & farm at home, sitting on a couch holding a journal.
Option 3
A picture of a beautiful living room with a guide for selecting a color palette sitting next to it.
This image is of a modern black couch in a light gray living room. There are three white textured pillows on the couch with a cream blanket laying underneath the pillows. There is a vase of dark purple tulips in the foreground and a light pink piano in the background.

fig & farm (at home)         podcast

This podcast equips REAL moms with REAL homes and REAL budgets with tangible tips to transform their houses into homes they love. My mission is to teach you easy-to-use practical tips so you can decorate a home:

 ~ you love walking in to

 ~ you are confident in

 ~ that feels cozy and comfortable

 ~ that looks cohesive and put together 

# 1 ranked podcast for home design on a budget!

Don't spend anymore time living in a home you don't love!

Learn to...

Identify your
unique design
Make the biggest impact change first
(hint: it doesn't have to cost a lot!)
Make design
decisions with

Tell your story with your style!
Create a 
cohesive looking home.

Make confident 
and SO much more!
Success Stories
from moms who love their homes!

"Dani has been exactly what I wanted in a designer! I was looking for someone who really took the time to understand me, my needs and would meet me where I was at. She was able to take the vague vision I had and make it into a reality even better than I could have imagined!


"What a breath of fresh air! This podcast is encouraging, fun, helpful, and practical. I love all of the home tips and Dani's down-to-earth approach to family and home life.."


"Dani helped me find my style and coached me through redecorating the main floor of my house. Her patience, kindness and great advice helped me gain the confidence to take on new projects of my own. It was a wonderful experience working with her."


“Thank you so much for all your insight on our home. Your professionalism is fantastic and I think you truly got exactly how we feel and want our home to look!"


Learn to style a 

like a pro!


Do you wonder:

* how to select a color palette

* what size of area rug to buy

* where to find interesting artwork

Ask a question!

Record your question and you could be featured on the podcast!

A little about me...

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