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fig & farm
       (at home)

fig and farm began eight years ago when my best friend Kate and I dreamed up a way to keep our love of creating beautiful things current through a long distance friendship. We started with an etsy shop where we each curated vintage goods and remade one-of-a-kind home decor items. After a year we moved our on-line presence into brick and mortar stores in our home states of Iowa and Washington. It was during this brick and mortar phase when each of us, separately, began following the design niche that spoke most to each of us. For me it is not only designing beautiful spaces for friends and clients, but teaching and empowering them to do it on their own. fig and farm (at home) is my Washington based site. Welcome!

my biggest fans

Doing what I do can only be accomplished with a strong team who has my back. They're my product testers, my go-to men and my constant companions. Meet my team!

Dani and Greg Watson.jpg


Go-to Man

Greg's ability to turn my vision into reality is an integral part of every design plan. Whether it's creating proper backing for artwork or building floor to ceiling bookshelves, Greg is invaluable!

Fergus a boxer mastiff.jpg


Constant Companion

Always by my side and willing to stay there in cold weather or hot. Able to jump in the car and go on errands in a moment's notice. 

three boys.jpg

The Boys

Product Testers

The sweetest three boys a mama could ask for! Teaching them the value of hard work and creating things with their own hands is my mission...working together on a warm sunny day is my joy!

Dani Watson owner of fig and farm at home.jpg

Me, Dani



Chief Creator

Forever a dreamer and always stopping to admire the beauty that surrounds me. Claiming inspiration from The Boys, nature, anything really.

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