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DIY - Almost Pom-Pom Pillow

Not quite a pom-pom. Not quite a pouf. In all actuality I’m not entirely sure what this thing is called, but I’m pretty sure that “Mini Pouf, Not Quite a Pom-Pom, But Definitely a Must Have Blossom of Happy” will be too long of a title. But I get it, people need titles. Though I really love the idea of calling it a “Blossom of Happy,” for simplicity sake let’s settle on an “Almost Pom-Pom.” Now that that’s settled, let’s make some shall we. But first - why?

I already had two Almost Pom-Pom pillows throughout the house and they’re just so happy, but more importantly their texture helps me read the room a little bit. When I see them I read, “Fun, playful, depth, contrast and texture.” Who knew such little balls of happy could say so much. In the living room, when paired with a soft velvet and a faux fur pillow, the addition of the almost pom-pom pillow literally screams cozy and warmth.

When I set out to re-design my master bedroom I wanted to add a bit of boho charm to the overall look and I wanted to do it without ordering many things on-line (you can see the budget and room reveal here). This included making new euro shams for my bed. My plan was to make them out of a cream curtain that was in the donation box, so I did. The project was easy, I repurposed something old and it cost me nothing other than time. This project literally checked all the boxes. And I hated them. They were so plain. Too plain. And in their plain-ness they definitely didn’t read boho in the least. They read BORING. When I think of boho, I think a lot of things, but one of those things is texture and a quick scan around the house reminded me of those pillows I already have with the mini pouf, not quite a pom-pom, but definitely a must have blossom of happy and my idea of creating my own was born. Once an idea is in my head the only way for me to get it out is to act on it. Sometimes those ideas are less than ideal, but in this case it was pure magic.

Enough jibber jabber. Let’s get started so you can make the same kind of magic in your home too.

Here’s what you need:

Embroidery thread (or thread thicker than sewing thread otherwise you’ll be winding thread for days) *I chose two colors (white and rust)


3x5 notecard or cardboard


Sewing thread

Boring pillowcase (ok, ok…a pillowcase with a plain front)

*Want to learn how to make your own pillowcase? I’ve got you – just shoot me a DM and I’ll give you all the juicy details.

Step One: Wind the thread

You’ll be winding for a while, so settle in with a podcast, book on tape or TV show. Wind the thread around, and around and around some more until you think you can’t possibly wind any more. Then wind five more times! No, I’m kidding. I didn’t count how many times I wound the thread around the cardboard. Maybe 50ish. What I did do, however, is when I thought I was getting close I pinched one side of the thread together with my fingers to see what shape the almost pom-pom would take and if I liked it, I was done. If I didn’t, I kept on winding.

Step Two: Cut the thread

Whoa there Nellie (fun tangent…that was my nickname growing up. Shhh…don’t tell anyone)! Put down the scissors because now is not the time to cut and then ask questions. You’re making one cut so you can use the thread freely in a different way. So…cut the thread that you just wound so it can be separated from the big bolt or spool that’s the main thread source.

Step Three: Tie the center thread

This is where I chose to use a different color so it would coordinate with a rust pillow that I’d be using in my room re-do, but a monochromatic almost pom-pom would be splendid. I have one already. See? It's pretty cute too.

This part is a little tricky and also made me wish I had another arm or two. You’ll want to slip the thread between the cardboard and the clump of thread you just wound around the cardboard. Tie one securing knot before proceeding, but make sure you leave a small tail (one inch should be plenty long). You’ll need the tail later. Then, very carefully wrap the center thread around the outside of the clump (surely I could come up with a better word?), down and under the bottom clump, up and around, back down and around. Basically you’re wrapping and wrapping the center thread around and around WHILE simultaneously removing the cardboard so there’s no more cardboard. See why you might need an additional hand or two? Tricky.

Step Four: Secure the center thread using the tail you left behind in step three

Tie a knot using the tail that I made you keep in step three. Know what? Tie two or three knots - making sure that bad boy doesn’t go anywhere. Then snip the threads close to the knot. No more need for tails.

Step Five: Scissor Time

Now’s the time you get to be all crazy town with your scissors. Well, crazy in a ‘I still remember the scissor rules I was taught in kindergarten, I just like to cut stuff’ kind of way. You see all those little loops on either side of the center thread? You’ll need to cut those. Unless you like the loops. You do you. I didn’t want the loops on mine so I chopped them all. Any that seemed a bit wonky I gave a small trim. Easy. And better yet, done!

Step Six: Make a kajillion more and keep listening to your podcast

Step Seven: Sew them to your boring pillowcase

I used 14 almost pom-poms on my euro sham and that was plenty. Before picking up my needle and thread I placed them on the pillow to get a feel for the spacing. Using your needle and thread sew them onto the pillowcase from the underside so the thread doesn’t show and mess up the look of your almost pom-pom.

Step Eight: Enjoy and prepare yourself for getting some ‘WOW, you made that?’ compliments

Happy DIYing!


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