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It Started With a Stripe

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Once upon a time there was this sweet little family living a very humble life in the middle of America's heartland. Memories were made, babies were growing and pennies were pinching. They were happy. The mama was a teacher who was taking a break from teaching to stay home with her babies and the papa was a super hero, saving lives in hospitals during the daytime. So many of the mama's waking hours were spent within the four walls of her home (I mean, how many naps do these children take?) that the walls began to blur. Looking through her garage at the left over paint cans from rooms once painted, the mama found a lovely light grey and an idea formed. Not enough to paint the living room, but enough to make an impact, the mama set out to paint stripes on the all white wall. It was an ah-ha moment - the moment she realized that paint alone can completely transform a room! No room from that point forward was safe...

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