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2023 Home Design Trends of the Year

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

The picture is of a a gray velvet chair and ottoman sitting on a white and black carpet. The walls are painted a deep moody green and there's an arched doorway. Through the doorway you see a tall plant sitting in a gray pot.

Moving away from lighter hues, this moody green wall with arched doorway is very 2023!

Home design trends...or trends in either love them or hate them. Me? I find them useful and inspiring, but changing anything - clothing, hair, makeup, cars, home design - on the whim of a trend can be costly. And for that reason I tend to avoid them. But they're fun, so...humor me will you, by enjoying the predicted 2023 home design trends.

Where do trends come from?

Before I share the predicted trends, it may be important to note where the trends come from. As you may already expect, trends come from anything of influence: pop culture, TV, reality TV, musicians, environmental concerns, fashion, social media, politicians. Ha...did I get your attention? Not so sure design trends come from politicians, but everything else listed - absolutely yes.

What's HOT and what's NOT in 2023?

Let's start with all of the design elements, feature walls, colors, built-ins, even little tchotchkes that we've finally just embraced in our homes so we can be sorely disappointed to know that they are no longer a THING.

What's NOT:

1. Gray Walls: We've seen this one coming for a couple years. I'm not so surprised that it's still on the list - it'll probably still be there for the next five years just until we finally get the point.

2. White Kitchens: This one's been on the list for a while too and we've seen the transition go from all-white kitchens to partial white (white uppers, dark lowers anyone?). But now? NOW people are embracing full on color - the more playful the better.

3. Shiplap: Sorry folks. Shiplap is now considered to be great if you have the original stuff - the architectural blessing hidden beneath your walls. Otherwise - it's on the OUT. But...modernizing shiplap by painting it a fun, un-white color is IN - so there you have it!

Gray Walls All White Kitchens Shiplap

4. Boho Design: The all white walls mixed with pompas grass, rattan everything is slowly fading out. But if you're new to the style, take heart because NATURAL materials is very 2023 and basically...everything non-white in the boho trend is made of natural materials so you should still be in luck. You may just need to move things around a bit.

5. Open Concept Homes: According to the experts, "tradition" is coming back in and traditionally homes have walls, so there's been a desire to have a few more walls to create cozy, more intimate settings (you'll see why when you read about what's HOT).

6. Cheap Replicas: Not surprised here at all. This has been a 'thing' for a while. Don't waste your money on the cheap replicas when we can be saving landfills, decluttering Grandma's attic and blessing the vendors of every vintage shop in the nation when we love all of those vintage and antique treasures. Not sure how to shop second hand? Read this blog here. OR, listen to this podcast or this podcast.

Pompas Grass (Boho) Open Concept Design Cheap Replicas

7. Mosaic Tile: I have to be honest...this on is a total SHOCKER! Why? Because I was convinced this one was OUT about five years ago, approximately one year after it was IN.

What's HOT:

1. A return to tradition (old finds made new, vintage & antique decor): Mixing old and new is, quite simply, nothing new and something that I've been teaching about for a very LONG time. It's a little tricky to do, but WOW is it gorgeous when you can pair a vintage credenza with a more modern dining room. Not sure how to do it? Read about it here and here. Or listen the podcast here.

2. Cozy interiors made with moody saturated colors: I'm L.O.V.I.N.G. this trend. It started a few years back during, ahem...2020, when things were a bit shut down and people were staying at home and craving the warmth and cozy factor of old. Enter Cottagecore design. It's since morphed into these lovely brooding rooms that envelop you in their deep saturated colors.

3. Statement marble (backsplash and countertops): Love statement marble, but not entirely sold on the backsplash. I think these are going to look beyond lovely in the moment, but date themselves rather quickly. And one design source mentioned that red marble was HOT. may want to think long and hard on that one before you tear everything out and put that puppy in. Seriously. Book a call now, so you can be walked far away from that ledge.

Apartment Therapy Architectural Digest

4. Sustainable, eco-friendly, green homes, materials, textiles, etc.: This one is NOT, I repeat, NOT going anywhere. As our world advances in technology we can see this advance too. So, buckle up and start making those changes when you can so you don't end up in the land of the dinosaurs.

5. Natural materials: Not surprising considering so many of the other trends are reverting back to the good ol' days. Natural, sustainable, real. Forget the cheap, forget the mass produced and forget the excess, which brings me to the next one.

6. Minimal: Lessening our load, reducing our carbon footprint, living more clean and naturally inside our homes so we aren't bound by excess is on trend for 2023, but it has been for a few years. This doesn't mean tiny home living and homesteading unless you want it to. But it does mean living more authentically and simply and simply put, that can't happen if we have a lot of crap!

7. Colorful palettes: Beige is fine, and coincidentally, taking the place of gray, but color is even better! Remember those bold kitchen cabinets replacing white or the moody saturated colors replacing gray walls. Those.

8. Art Deco decor accents: This may turn out to be contractidory to the idea of ditching the cheap replicas because anytime you bring in an era as a deisgn style or trend, mass production typically follows suit. Time will tell, but the twist on these decor accents will be art deco mixed with 2023 bold color - maybe a bit Palm Springs. We'll have to wait and see.

And DRUM ROLLL please because I'm sharing the very best for last!

9. Personality driven design: Which basically means, do what you want - it's your home after all - but DO SOMETHING. Leaving bare walls because you're too scared to hang something or not hanging the yellow curtains because Becky Sue down the street has an all beige home would be a shame. Your homes are a canvas for storytelling. Who's story you may ask? YOURS...with YOUR personality.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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