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A candid conversation about BUDGET with interior designer Jessica Velasquez of Interiors By Jessica

In today's podcast episode, Jessica and I speak candidly about working with clients who believe a lot of things about their homes, but these things are not helping...they're doing just the opposite. They're keeping them stuck.

Budget, or the lack of budget, is the MAIN thing holding people back from creating a home they love, but Jessica and I are both on a mission to dispel this myth - teaching home owners the power of project mapping so they can take one beautiful step after another in pursuit of having a home they are proud of.

Jessica is not only an interior designer, but a realtor specializing in helping the first time home buyer. She believes first time home buyers are an under-served demographic who often get over looked in the design world and she believes and supports the idea that these first time home owners can, should, and (mostly) DESERVE to invest in their aesthetic dreams of home ownership just like the more established home owners might.

She encourages her clients to make intentional decisions, communicate expectations clearly and to start EVEN WHEN the budget is small. Her unique approach to home design teaches how to respect the budget you have while moving your design needle forward in pursuit of creating a home that is purposeful, beautiful and one that tells your story.

We invite you to listen in on today's conversation:

If you are interested in learning more about Jessica and her unique design approach, follow along on Instagram @interiors_by_jessica or download her FREE guide: Your Home, Your Sanctuary or visit her website.

Learn a bit more about Jessica:

"I’m so glad I can help first-time home buyers with mine! When I was just a kid, I learned from my father his “Yes you can!” attitude, and now I love to share that enthusiasm with my clients. As a realtor and interior designer, I’ve been able to help buyers make the best decisions for their unique situation and lifestyles.

Most home shoppers don’t have the training or knowledge to quickly and efficiently see the changes that can be made in a property. It’s something that trained designers can do. My approach to seeing the potential, and not the surface issues, in every home, is something I’ve mastered through years of experience. I started my own company to close that gap between experienced design know-how and buyers like you. It’s my mission to help everyone with an easy system and results they can be excited about.

As a coach for first-time homebuyers, I set them up with an actual plan and a timeline for making their needs, and even their wishes happen. It’s a service for home-buying that not only saves you money – it can also save your sanity, give you back precious time, and actually let you enjoy house shopping! I can tell you that nothing is better than seeing the look in my clients’ faces when they see their dreams become a reality. More than anything, what motivates me is their sense of accomplishment as my clients get clarity in their plans and that awesome feeling of “Yes, we can!”


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