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A Gift Guide for the Gourmet Pizza Cook

Wood-fired pizza at home?! Yes please! Easy to use, portable, a 90 second cook time ( read that right) and SO, SO delicious! If your person loves to cook and is always trying new recipes, they'll love the Ooni pizza oven. I bought an Ooni for Mr. fig & farm for Father's Day and am SO glad I did. Summer evenings were spent on the back porch cooking, playing and relaxing. You'll need items 1-3 to get started. And the honey? Why is that in the pizza gift guide you ask? Have you ever tried honey on your crust? No...try it. It'll be a new tradition and you won't turn back!! Delish!

1. Ooni Fryer 12" Wood Pellet Pizza Oven, $349

2. Ooni 12" Pizza Peel, $35

3. Ooni Premium Hardwood Pellets 20lb., $20

4. Ooni Infrared Thermometer, $39.99

5. Pizza Cutter Gift Box, $17.99

6. Rectangle Charcuterie Board, $64

7. Honey Jar Glass Container with Wooden Acacia Dipper, $14.99

8. Artisanal Honey Sample, $22

9. Book of Honey, $49

*If purchasing an item from the guide, I may make a few bucks (at no additional cost to you) from the sale...thank you!

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