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A Gift Guide for the Sentimentalist (who loves art that tells her story)!

We all have that friend. You know the one. She wears the macaroni necklaces her kiddos made her...15 years ago. She's also the friend who remembers EVERY birthday and even hand writes cards...and MAILS them via snail mail. Are you picturing her in your mind? Yup. That one. This gift guide is for her. She's a sentimentalist and chances are pretty strong that she'll even remember what you're wearing when you give her one of these gifts that she didn't know she wanted, but will be SO thankful that she has.

And, while you're grabbing one for her...grab one for you too, because these are pretty neat-o!

1. Black The Greatest Love Story Framed Sign, from $20

2. 3D Wooden City Map, from $49

3. Script P.S. I Love You Wall Art, from $20

4. Market Tote - Live Love Local, $39

5. Baltic Birch Photo Squares, from $19

6. Ceramic Heart Shaped Dish, $20

7. Airplane Push Pins, $58

8. 3D Wooden World Map, from $49

9. Customizable Star Map, from $15

*If purchasing an item from the guide, I may make a few bucks (at no additional cost to you) from the sale...thank you!


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