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Fall Decorating: Three Ways

Fall. It’s a time that ignites and engages the senses at every turn - from the leaves turning vibrantly from summertime greens into reds and yellows, to the sound of children laughing on the school yard. It’s the taste of the first bowl of soup, the smell of a distant wood fire or the way the brittle leaves crumble upon touch. For me, a former teacher, my senses are engaged and intertwined with the experience and anticipation that leads up to the beginning of a school year. Fall also means the smell of a new box of crayons or the whir of the pencil sharpener. It’s the brisk reminder that my sundress should be accompanied by a cardigan, the tartness that’s enjoyed with the traditional gift to the teacher, and a classroom full of children’s chatter.

Whatever fall is to you, how do you bring it into your home? DO you bring it into your home? This year, fall is speaking to me a different way. Instead of seeing oranges, reds and yellows, I’m picturing muted shades of blues, pinks and corals. These colors are as natural to the changing of seasons as their more traditional friends. Think Cinderella Pumpkins, fading hydrangeas and dusty miller. Throw in some candles and some pinecones and you have the making for Fall Decor Three Ways.

Start with a variety of textures, sizes and colors of blooms or foliage. Throw in some candles, pumpkins, pinecones and books and you will add depth to any of the following decor ideas.

The Centerpiece

The Bouquet

The Mantel

The same can be done using a different, yet similar color palette. Instead of dusty blues, how about dusty pinks and corals?

Happy Fall!

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