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Love Your Home Challenge

Sometimes finding things to love about your home can be tricky because it’s easy to focus on all of the ways you’d like it to change. This is especially true for me, and even more true as an Enneagram 7. While working on one project my eyes shift ever so slightly to begin planning the next one. Maybe even the one after the next one, never really allowing me space and time to enjoy the one that I’m currently working on. Problematic? Not always, but sometimes yes.

In an effort to focus on the blessings of home and since we are approaching the (insert doe-eyed) love month where hearts beat a little more rapid…blah blah blah. Ok, in all seriousness…Valentine’s Day is just not my favorite. I like pink. I like flowers. I like chocolates. I like jewelry. I like love notes. But when you squish it all together to conjure up a little romance…not my favorite. Oh…I do love me a good First Grade Valentine’s Day party though. If you have never lived one of those since your first grade self, let me share the teacher’s perspective…man those are exhausting. As a teacher you have two courses of action on a party day (by the way, parties are never thrown at the beginning of the day - they're always saved until end). Choice one: go about business as usual, while simultaneously putting out fires or redirecting super excited children until the 2:00 party bell rings. Have party and leave exhausted. OR choice two: embrace the party from the moment you open the door in the morning (by the way you've already dressed and decorated for the occasion), starting with a V-Day warm-up, moving onto conversation heart math, V-day books and Language Arts activities, red snacks at snack time until you seamlessly roll into the 2:00 official start of the party. But who are you kidding, the party has been going ALL day. Have the party and leave exhausted. Know which choice I made? Yup...choice two. Year after year and month after month if I'm being honest. Who says you can't learn/party on Johnny Appleseed's birthday as well as St. Patrick's Day?! I’m always up for a party even if it involves over sugared six year olds. Miss those days.

Anyway, I digress…since we are approaching Love Month, I thought it would be fun to have a little Love Your Home Challenge. If you’re already in my fig & farm (at home) Facebook Group, great - you’ll get daily challenges delivered right to your feed. If you’re not, but would like to follow along…hop to it…head over to FB and search for fig and farm at home (sorry…not sure how to connect the link) so you can join in on the fun. Not wanting to do that, I’ll break it down for you so you can do it on your own time table, your own way. No hand holding from me, just a little nudge in the right direction.

Here’s how it works: when we think about our home, how do we feel? We’re exploring that every Monday. Maybe even doing a few mindset shifts here and there to really grasp the idea that homes conjure up feelings and those feelings are super important. Here’s a sneak peek…

Tuesdays are for donating. When you purge your home of items that don’t serve you, you allow lots of space for a home that does. WHAT?! Your home can serve you? Yes, it’s true. You can learn more about that here.

Let’s recap one second. Your home has feelings and your home serves you? Basically yes, that’s about right.

Wednesdays are the fun days. It’s time to decorate, but not in a way that makes you go shopping. Using what you have in new ways can highlight areas of your home in ways where otherwise they may have been left in the dark. Decorating is a fluid action. If it wasn’t, it would just be called staging. You don’t live (or shouldn’t, I hope) in a staged home. You live in a decorated home. Just because you used pillows in the living room doesn’t mean that someday they’ll take center stage in the master bedroom. Follow the journey of this pillow below.

Thursdays are the spa day equivalent of loving your home. You may wash your face every day, but you go to the spa for a facial right? Right. Thursdays are the deep clean days, but I’m not torturing anyone here. We’re not doing the whole house, just a few specific areas that might need a little love now and again.

Fridays, oh sweet Fridays. This is where the love month doe-eyes come in real handy. These are the dream days. The days where it’s ok to get lost in the reverie of what’s to come, what you hope to be, what you don’t physically have to work to achieve unless you want to. Because spring is right around the corner, we’re sprouting up spring dreams. Spring re-freshes here we come.

Saturdays you better buckle up because you and I both know that there are THINGS TO DO that have been on the honey-do list for ages, materials purchased and plans made that are just collecting dust in the corner of the garage. Roll up those sleeves, grease those elbows and let’s get it done hon’. You may have one project every Saturday that lasts you an hour each week. Cool. You may have one project that spans the course of the month and you may even want to squeeze in a little work on Mondays to ensure that it gets done by March. Awesome. What ever gets that needle moving towards really loving the house you call home…perfect.

Sundays. Ahhh. Sundays. Those are for enjoying. Enjoy those moments with the people or fur babies you share your space with. Sleep in, make a nice brunch, play some games. What ever it is that fills your cup…do that! And do it some more because Sundays are really the heart and soul of why we have a home instead of a house.


Yes, I hear you. All you competitive gals who are noticing that there was a word in the title that caught your attention that hasn’t been mentioned once. Not a single bit. Are you looking at the title? Caught you.

The word is Challenge. Now, hold the phone a minute. What I didn’t say was competition. There’s a difference there Nellie. Competitions mean winners and losers and there’s none of that in this journey. Neither is there any comparison that says my home is better than your home. Challenge is an entirely different thing. A challenge is a gentle nudge, a reminder that you can always be your better self. A challenge sometimes encourages with a carrot at the end so you have a little more motivation than you did the day before.

So, the challenge? Or rather the carrot that gets the challenge moving along? Have I mentioned the Facebook Group? Seriously that’s the only way to enter to win the carrot at the end. But, shhh…here it is. It’s a biggie.

The carrot: your very own made for you mood board (two actually) of a room of your choice that you have been dying to redo. I make two mood boards for you. You choose one. Don’t like everything you see in the board? Not a biggie, sometimes we need to head back to the drawing board. I’ll do that up to two more times so you can have the look you want. The best part. I don’t need to come to your house to a do a single thing and you don’t need to fight the crowds to shop the products. You can do it all from your living room. Easy.

Alright. Enough chatty-chatty. I’ve got a Love Month party to run over on Facebook that is going to rival any First Grade Valentine’s party I have ever thrown. See you there.

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