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Spring 'trends' in home decor

I don't know about you, but when I think of spring I think of renewal. Renewal in the garden. Renewal in outside sounds and smells (birds chirping, rushing water from mountain snow run off, the smell of earth...I could keep going). Renewal of longer days. Renewal of lighter meals at my dinnertime table. And renewal in the home. After a winter spent hunkering down, staying in and eating cozy foods, come spring I'm ready for action. Ready for doing.

This week I've taken a look at spring trends that are appearing in home decor circles. I've spotted several new things - fitting for the word 'trend.' Trends by their very nature are fleeting (see my post on the color of the year here), but some come in like a rush of spring air and stick around for a while (hello gray walls, shiplap, rattan chandeliers...). Some may be heading out sooner rather than later, others 'trend' for several years.

Today I've rounded up several items that are trending (or still trending) for spring. Individually they make a statement, but styled together within a room...lovely.

  1. Vintage Inspired Rugs: low pile, muted colors, and a traditional pattern are anything BUT traditional when paired with more modern furniture. My conclusion: this is a style that will stick around for a very long time. It's a more modern and stylistic version of Oriental Rugs and you've seen how long those have been a thing. If you're investing in a new rug, give it a try.

  2. Cane Furniture: Has caning really gone out of style? This is one of those features that has stood the test of time, but gets a facellift every so often. Current caning pieces can be expensive and re-purposing furniture to to add caning to drawers and doors can be a real chore. BUT...painting vintage caning pieces is one way to bring the style into your home and keep that decade's caning style current. Not sure how to paint furniture? It's easier than you might think. Head here to register for my virtual chalk painting class (learn at your own pace and on your own timeline): Painting Furniture 101

  3. Empire Shades: To be honest, I wasn't so sure about this when it first appeared in home decorating circles. The Empire Shade has been around for a VERY long time, but unlike caning it was a prolific style for a long time then died for even longer. It had a rebirth last fall, but is still around and worth trying. My will go out sooner rather than later, but is worth a $20 upgrade.

  4. Camel Color: YES! Always a classic, this color is a great choice if you're choosing leather furniture. It has staying power and looks fabulous when enveloping a piece of furniture with minimal lines. Also...if you have young children leather is a top choice - so easy to clean spills. And, unlike eggs left out a little too long, leather gets better with time.

  5. Pom-Poms, Tassels and Wooden Beads: Definitely a mark of a Bohemian style, but like the vintage style rugs, these sweet little flourishes aren't beholden to one style and one style only. They add a bit of fun and whimsy to a space big or small: bedrooms, living rooms, libraries, lamps, baskets, get the idea. My conclusion: These are here to stay and don't break the bank. Try them safely and inexpensively on throw blankets, pillows, or place some on a basket handle. Adorable!

  6. Pampas Grass: Bringing the outdoors in is ALWAYS a good idea whether it's branches, fresh greens, flowers, pine cones, birch logs or now, Pampas Grass. Big, neutral and full of whimsy this originally Bohemian trend doesn't just belong in that style-house. Give it a try. BUT...keep in mind if you don't grow it in your own garden you probably should avoid gathering it in areas that aren't your own. Ordering it on-line from growers not only supports small businesses but keeps you out of trouble. :) Secret tip: use a blow dryer to fluff up the blooms. Just do it outside so you don't have a big mess in the house.

  7. Speckled Glass: This one is hitting the spring scene hot and heavy, but it's a style that has been around a long time. It's taken a breather, but it's baaacccckkk. My conclusion: this one is headed out of style sooner rather than later, but it is something that will be back again some day. Now's not the time to replace all of your drink ware with speckled glass - unless you'd like to replace them again next spring. Maybe try one piece, but not an investment piece: a candle, a pitcher or a jewelry tray.

  8. Faux Stone Vases and Lamp Bases: This style has been around for a minute and is still going strong. Although it looks stunning in a Modern Farmhouse home, it doesn't JUST belong there. Texture is a good thing for home decor and these lamps and vases bring that in spades. It's worth a try!

This roundup has stirred an itch I've been feeling for a while. My living room needs a renewal. It's not only time, but if truth be told, it's long overdue. Join me on the journey and if YOU'RE bringing renewal to your living room, I want to see it. Tag me on IG @figandfarm


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