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I went thrift shopping. Now what?

Going thrift store shopping can be such a fun way to spend an afternoon. The thrill of the hunt, not knowing what you’re going to find and finding it at a fraction of a regular priced item. Win-win, right? Not always. Even though thrift shopping can be an economical way to purchase items you may be needing, it can also open up a rabbit hole to bringing unnecessary things into your home. Though the price tag says “cheap” those few dollars add up and spending a few dollars here and a few dollars there on items that you didn’t really need can end up being costly.

Before you head out on your next afternoon of second hand shopping, read this: 6 tips for thrifting.

But…you go shopping, you find some things. Some things, I might add, that were not on your list and you’ve brought them home. NOW WHAT? They were cool in the store, you had an idea for them then, but you’re completely stuck once you bring them home. Now it’s back in the donation box because you have absolutely no idea what to do with them. Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you. Anyone? Yup…I see you back there in the corner.

Starting today, I’ll be doing a monthly round-up of my thrift store finds. I’ll bring them home, clean them up and style them the way I foresee using them, hopefully inspiring you to not only shop used, but to maybe reimagine some of the things you already have at home.

First up: silver lined serving bowl, a set of soup bowls and two vases.

Dressed up and ready to serve - brunch, lunch, dinner. You name it. The serving bowl is deep enough to hold a salad, rolls or a pasta dish and the soup tureens are under no obligation to exclusively hold soup. Serve a parfait or fruit salad for brunch, soup for lunch or use them as salad bowls for dinner.

Next up: a cream serving bowl with pink polka dots and a glass pedestal bowl

The pink polka dot bowl can be used year round or keep it with your seasonal decor and bring it out starting at Valentine's Day, but letting it linger for Easter and through spring. Quick tip: simple white kitchenware like plates, bowls, and cups allow for pieces like this pink serving ware to cohabitate seamlessly. Dressing up your table with thrifted finds is easier with the backdrop of white kitchenware. The pedestal bowl: used here it's a fruit bowl, but try bringing it to the dinner table to serve up fruit salad or to the football game as it serves up your favorite dip to go along with the chips.

Next: blue lined 'yogurt' jars and vintage starburst glasses

Use these sweet glass yogurt jars to serve condiments that accompany drinks or dinner: lemon wedges, mustard, cilantro, seeds and more. The starburst glasses when not in use would make a bold statement on your bar cart, casually inviting your guests for an afternoon drink.

Lastly: coffee table books and a vintage clock

When looking for books to style your coffee table or bookshelves, look under the dust jacket to see what color the book cover is. There's no rule that says you need to keep the dust jacket in place. Remove it and use the color of the hardback as a guide for how to style the books. In this case, the green was calling for a plant. Had I left the dust jackets on, the books would have instantly dated my decor. This vintage clock comes with all kinds of issues. One of the peg legs is held in place with hot glue and the clock has stopped working. Using it as-is can definitely be an option. Or try winding the clock to an important time and set it there to stamp its significance. A few special times to get you thinking: the time you got married, the time your first baby was born, the time of your graduation ceremony, etc. Setting it there not only serves as a reminder of that significant life event, but ultimately shows your intentionality of telling your story using decor throughout your home.

Do you have any thrifted items that you fell in love with, but don't know how to style? Show me.

I'm here to help.




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