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When to hire an interior decorator: 5 tips to choose the right one

Do you ever:

Wonder how the pretty home pictures in Pinterest came to be?

Wish you had a home that looked effortlessly put together?

Want to create a home that looks beautiful and you're proud of?

We know the desire is there, but sometimes the plan isn't. The plan to make a quick trip to Target to find a new pillow didn't work. The plan to choose a color and paint one wall wasn't what you needed. The plan to spend hours on Pinterest pinning the beautiful pictures only makes you want it that much more.

You need HELP!

Hiring an interior decorator could be the next step. But how do you know who to hire it affordable?

When you hire an interior decorator, it all comes down to T.R.U.S.T.

Aside from asking your friend who they hired and if they had a good experience (ALWAYS a good idea, btw) you may want to have a strategy in place other than Googling it. When you look through the list of names that pop up after a search, how do you distinguish between Mary, John, Beth and Sarah? Keep these things in mind as you decide who's the best fit for you.

T: time

Do they take the time to get to know you, your personality, who you share your space with, what you need from the space? If there's a cursory gloss over these details that are SO important for living the life you want to live, in the home you have - SKIP to the next one.

Do they appreciate that you may not have the ENTIRE budget (more on that in a minute) to make ALL of the changes today? Do they have a plan for helping you create a TIMELINE that works with your budget and the changes you want to make?

R: respect

This is YOUR they respect the idea that you may absolutely love the vintage skirted couch you've had for twenty years and want to keep it? Do they have the creativity to design your space around such a request?

This is YOUR they respect the idea that you may need to make these changes gradually as money allows or do you have to make all of the changes now? Do they have the creativity and foresight to help you map out the timeline of changes that combine both the biggest impact in transforming your space AND the budget flow?

U: understand

This is YOUR they speak to you as if it is? Are the changes suggested done in a way that honors that this is your sacred space and not theirs?

S: show

Do they have a plan for showing you the suggested changes, products, proposals BEFORE you purchase or do you have to trust and hope for the best? Do you have to be in the same city, state, country as the decorator to receive the help or can it be done digitally?

T: teach

Do they hold their secrets close to their chest or do they explain decisions and rationale for design choices as you go? This won't be the last room you re-fresh - being willing to learn a few tips so you can make a few changes once they leave the job will allow you the freedom to take risks on new projects in the future, but having ACCESS to the information is entirely different.

If you are ready to explore options for hiring an interior decorator, let me introduce myself...

Hey, I'm Dani, a former First-Grade teacher turned home decorator. I stopped teaching formally so I could stay home with my babies and that meant BUDGET. Like Ramen eating, Goodwill shopping budget. And I learned a thing or two along the way - like how to bring big style to my home without breaking the bank. I understand that that couch you bought - may not have been your first choice, but the best sale at Costco. That color you chose for your wall - may not be the color you love, but it was the best compromise at the time and now you hate it. Those wood pieces of furniture you have scattered throughout your home - may not be your first choice, but were free from a very generous mama.

I'd be honored to help you create a home you LOVE coming home to, a home that tells YOUR story with YOUR style, a home that you are PROUD to invite your friend to. The best part? Because I understand budget, I don't expect you to have all the money right now to make all the changes you want. Actually...I expect that you wouldn't. I mean - who knows where the money trees are growing? Not me!

My home decorating approach?

  1. I learn about you, your family, your likes, your dislikes so I can get a firm understanding of what your own unique design aesthetic is.

  2. I start with the budget you have TODAY, not the budget you hope you have or think you need.

  3. I create a project map that outlines the changes you should make WHEN the budget allows. And these changes? They're in order...what's the FIRST thing you can change to make the mightiest impact...we start there.

  4. I offer three plans - from least expensive (and least hand holding) to most expensive (and most hand holding). Each plan is offered to serve you no matter where you live.

Decorating S.O.S. Call: a one hour call over Zoom to help you get unstuck and in to action. You walk away with 3-5 action steps for making changes in your own timeline!

Room Edit: think of this as a (very kind) bossy big sister with design sensibilities coming in to tell you what detailed action steps you should take in order to create the room that serves your family and delights your senses.

Mood Boards: you want someone to not only tell you WHAT to buy, but to load the cart for you! With product pictures, shop-able links and a project map for knowing when to buy each piece, all you need to do is purchase the pieces when YOU are ready.

I can't wait to work with you!

Listen to the podcast episode here:

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