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Gift Guide for the Plant Lover

First of all…KUDOS to you. You are in close proximity to someone with AMAZING talents – they have a green thumb, one of the most enviable gifts in all of mankind. Am I exaggerating? Nope. Just ask the person in the faux plant aisle at Target. Seriously. Want to know why there are so many faux plants floating around out there? Because there are more people with black thumbs than green. So…as you shop for the person who can keep plants alive, recognize and celebrate the idea that YOU are gifting someone with a special talent. Why not get him/her something that shows off this talent? Then…buy yourself a notebook and pen and take some notes so you can learn from a true master!!

Also, Mr. fig & farm - if you're reading this...I'd like numbers 1-9 please!

1. Framed Plant Lady Sign, from $20

2. Trophy Urn with Antique Copper Finish (2 sizes), from $39.99

3. Plant Pots and Pleated Saucers Bundle, $56

4. Concrete Head Planter, $49.99

5. Plant Lady Coir Doormat, $34

6. Metal Garden Shears with Leather Case, $12

7. Glass Plant Mister Round, $19

8. The Potting Shed Framed Sign, from $20

9. Terracota Clay Pot, $24

*If purchasing an item from the guide, I may make a few bucks (at no additional cost to you) from the sale...thank you!

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